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What shore job marine engineers can do? - maritimeqa - 05-30-2022

Most of the engineers on board start their carriers with mechanical engineering, which is a very generic kind where it helps Engineers shift ashore in Non-shipping kind of profiles also.

Engineers once they leave the ship after merchant navy have much more options than the deck side .Some of the options are listed below:

1) Technical superintendent
2) Training superintendent/Faculty in maritime training institutes
3) Manning superintendent
4) Commercial operations
5) Surveyor in Classification societies, DG Shipping
6) Jobs in port operations
7) jobs in 5 star hotel for maintenance of Air conditioning systems
8) third party inspections
9) Jobs in work shops e.t.c

Bottom line is that once you are a CE onboard a vessel, you need not worry about coming ashore and making a living. At junior levels you want to leave sailing, it could be a little more challenging in terms of the remunerations however ,you will not be out of job for long!

All the best!