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Augmented Reality in shipping -30th Jun 2022
Navigating a ship is becoming increasingly complex as the amount of information available to personnel from different devices rises. Unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily increase the Situational Awareness (SA) which would ensure the safety of ship and crew.
This is where Augmented Reality (AR) comes in – it presents information in a more intuitive way.  The benefits of AR in maritime operations range from supporting colleagues to directly increasing the safety of personnel and thus the entire ship.
In this Nautical Institute webinar Robert Grundmann explores the findings in the recent free White Paper published by Fraunhofer CML, Burmeister Grundmann Hohnrath Ujkani entitled Increasing Situational Awareness by Augmented Reality Solutions. You can read the paper


[size=1]Register for the webinar[/size]

This free webinar will be interactive, inviting feedback and questions from attendees and will provide a certificate of participation to all those who attend.

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