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Recognition of M. Sc. Degree of World Maritime University. Malmo"
Instance have been reported when seafarers in possession of M.Sc. Degree from World
Maritime University [WMU], Malmo, Sweden have not been considered by certain universities
for pursuing higher education.
2. In this regard, seafarers in possession of M.Sc. Degree from WMU are to note that the
Association of Indian Universities [AIU] had recognized the M.Sc. Degree awarded by WMU,
Sweden, as a corresponding Master's degree of an Indian University, vide their letter to the then
Ministry of Surface Transport on 23th May, 1995 (letter no. EV/II (640)1951317711-12). Copy of
the letter of AIU is enclosed.
3. As per the said letter of AIU to the Ministry, the recognition/equation is valid for
employment in central services as per Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource
Development Notification No. F.l5-I7194-TS. IV dated 13th March,1995 as well as for purpose
of admission to higher courses at Indian Universities. In addition, the said letter has also specified
that the decision on the recognition of the qualification is being inserted in AIU publication
'Equivalence of Foreign Degrees' and circulated to all universities in the country.
4. Accordingly, candidates holding M.Sc. Degree awarded by the World Maritime
University, Malmo, Sweden desiring to obtain equivalence certificate may approach the
Association of Indian Universities in the matter.
This is issued with approval of the Chief Examiner
Advisor to the Government of India (i/c).
of Master & Mates and Nautical

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